The solution for direct settlement of external commission recipients in SAP

SAP Provisionsabrechnung

The Sycor.CommissionCockpit is an add-on that can be implemented in any existing SAP ERP installation and enables the direct settlement of external commission recipients such as sales agents – a process with only rudimentary support in the standard SAP ERP system. Its functionality is uncomplicated: The Sycor.CommissionCockpit automatically accesses standard functions within the ongoing processes – such as partner roles in the accounts receivable master data and SD documents – in order to calculate and evaluate commissions for the sales agents in a selection run.

Dynamic maintenance and evaluation of the commission rates

The dynamic maintenance of commission rates derived in various ways is a central element of the Sycor.CommissionCockpit. Commissions can be filtered for certain customers or customer hierarchies and material master information can be grouped, for instance through the product hierarchy or classification data. A validity period is assigned to every commission rate that is created, ensuring that the history of the commission rates granted is documented. Another benefit of validity periods: The validity period is taken into account in calculating the commission – for example, a new customer commission is no longer calculated after 12 months.


Automatic SAP-FI provisions and SAP CO-PA documents

The calculated commissions can be posted in the SAP-FI module as provisions, and documents can be generated in SAP CO-PA if desired.


Straightforward dispatch and archiving in ERP

Commission lists are generated and can be easily sent out by mail as a physical printout or directly by e-mail as an attachment in PDF format. The commission lists are then linked to the commission recipient as a digital PDF file so a complete history is maintained. Storing the generated PDF documents in a document management system is also possible with the Sycor.CommissionCockpit.

Benefits at a glance

  • Individually adaptable standard settings
  • Individual maintenance of the commission rates based on various selection criteria that can be derived from a variety of data elements (material master data, classification, customer hierarchies) and expanded
  • Definition of validity periods for commission rates to maintain history
  • Selection of the relevant commission rates for each invoice line item
  • Automatic posting of the commission provisions in the SAP-FI module
  • Posting of the commissions as SAP CO-PA documents
  • Generation of commission lists after a commission run, including the option of printing or sending directly by email in PDF format
  • Filing of the generated commission lists per commission run with the commission recipient directly in SAP ERP or in a linked DMS/archiving system

Upcoming functions on the roadmap

  • Exclusion of certain, document-specific invoice line items from the commission calculation
  • Changing the commission rates for certain, document-specific invoice line items
  • Collection of all invoices for a sales agent to send the invoices collectively as a control document

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