Sycor: We make your processes mobile with SAP Fiori

The SAP Fiori apps make the functions of SAP Business Suite available in one comfortable and easy to use interface. Mobile and platform-independent.

SAP Fiori

We support you in the implementation of SAP Fiori in your company

The SAP Business Suite applications are powerful tools for supporting and handling business processes. So far however, the barriers to entry have been very high – especially in case of not very intensive or occasional use. Cumbersome and complicated operation, the high level of know-how required and the unappealing layout of the screens mean that SAP Business Suite is associated with inadequate usability and a daunting user experience. This often results in very low user acceptance and more difficult process integration beyond the circle of the "power users".

SAP Fiori offers the full SAP power in a modern interface – which can be used intuitively and without training effort.

The currently more than 300 apps offered by SAP under the name SAP Fiori are the answer to this problem: SAP Fiori brings together the transactions from the SAP Business Suite applications in a modern interface – optimally designed for the occasional SAP user, for traveling decision-makers and for workflow-based users. Users can carry out transactions comfortably and quickly based on roles according to the principle of "One task – one SAP Fiori app". Straightforward and intuitive to operate, the apps significantly simplify the use of core functions in the SAP software without users requiring more in-depth SAP knowledge. The browser-based and platform-independent SAP Fiori apps are available on any device – desktop, tablet, notebook or smart phone – and mobile access in particular is supported. User habits from private life are transferred to day-to-day work with SAP.

Little effort – big payoff
SAP Fiori as a fast and cost-effective way to implement enterprise mobility.

The approach for SAP Fiori has been revisited: Unlike in the beginning, SAP Fiori is now part of licensed SAP software – which minimizes the costs for implementation in your company. Since elaborate training for the users is not required either, SAP Fiori is not only a fast but also a cost-effective way to implement enterprise mobility. SAP Fiori makes it possible for companies to use existing SAP software with greater flexibility and productivity, and to improve user acceptance – thereby getting more out of their IT investments. Efficiency improvements in the processes and cost reductions go hand in hand with enhanced employee satisfaction thanks to improved usability and a better user experience.

SAP Fiori – with and without SAP HANA

Four different types of SAP Fiori apps are offered for users in total: In addition to the transactional apps, there are fact sheets, analytical apps and SAP smart business applications. The transactional apps are used to perform recurring tasks. These apps run on relational databases and on SAP HANA. SAP HANA is the basis for using the other three types of apps. Fact sheets are used to search SAP systems for information (e.g. material master data or customer master data lists) and to display additional facts. Analytical apps present indicators from SAP Business Suite applications in real time, graphically and in table form. The SAP smart business apps are an extension of classic BI dashboards, and allow users to examine the operational and strategic KPIs displayed in real time down to the source data level by drilldown.

Sycor: Our services for SAP Fiori

We support you throughout the process of implementing and using SAP Fiori. Depending on your requirements, we can work with you to develop the mobility strategy suitable for your business, provide mobile access to the SAP Business Suite functions and ensure that you have the required infrastructure. We are your partner for the rollout of the new technology to the departments as well.

SAP Fiori – benefits:

  • Fast and cost-effective way to implement enterprise mobility
  • Mobile access to SAP Business Suite functions
  • Low financial and time expenditure
  • Makes existing SAP software more flexible and productive to use
  • Optimum utilization of IT investments
  • Improve SAP user acceptance – promote process integration
  • Improve process efficiencies and achieve cost reductions
  • Boost employee satisfaction through improved usability and a better user experience

Do you want to make your processes mobile with SAP Fiori? If so please contact us – we are happy to help you!

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