Sycor: Your SAP HANA experts

We build your SAP HANA environment - either virtually based on VMware, or using dedicated hardware - and operate it in our or your data center. We speed up your analyses, your reporting and your processes - you manage your company in real-time.

Sycor: SAP HANA solutions tailored to midsize enterprises!

SAP HANA facilitates faster data analyses through a change in data storage and In-Memory-Technology. When enterprises use SAP HANA as an application platform - for example for their ERP system - they can also accelerate their processes and access analyses and reporting in real-time. In many cases, this removes the need for an additional BW environment. SAP HANA can be operated on dedicated hardware, but also in a virtual environment.

The combination of SAP HANA and VMware not only allows enterprises to safely operate enterprise-critical applications securely in virtual environments, but also increases the optimization potential inherent in virtualization: faster reaction times to new business demands, increased scalability and flexibility, simplified system operation and long-term cost reductions.

All services for SAP HANA

We build your virtual SAP HANA environment for you based on VMware - irrespective of whether it is intended to work in parallel to your existing SAP environment (sidecar approach) or as an application platform. This is how we lay the foundation for faster business intelligence and faster processes. The environment can also be built on dedicated hardware if required.

 As an experienced SAP hosting partner - with continuous certification since 2002 - we operate your system professionally either in our own data centers, or remotely in your data centers. SAP hosting by Sycor means operating models tailored to midsize enterprises – flexible, individual, reliable and scalable. ITIL based and QM certified processes for incidents and changes, binding service level agreements (availability, support hours, response times, etc.) and an expert hotline are included in our service.

Sycor: increase the optimization potential with SAP HANA

Using the virtualized SAP HANA environment and our SAP know-how, we also offer you the opportunity to raise additional optimization potential for your enterprise. Beyond a migration of your SAP applications, this allows you to utilize innovative applications based on SAP HANA.

SAP Fiori apps allow you to provide mobile access to processes and increase processing speeds. In addition to the transactional apps which run on relational databases and on SAP HANA, fact sheets, analytical apps and SAP smart business applications are available through SAP Fiori. SAP HANA is a prerequisite for using these types of apps. With these apps, you can search for information in your SAP systems in real-time, receive key figures, and extend classic BI dashboards with the option to analyze operational and strategic KPIs right to the source data level by using drilldowns. When you use our assistance to also combine SAP Lumira with the SAP HANA platform, you can analyze very large volumes of data in real-time, and quickly and easily gain the required overview or an understanding of the details.

We support you in using SAP Fiori and SAP Lumira to make the full range of SAP HANA functionalities available as web applications when on the move - for power users and non-experts. In this way, you boost reporting, processes and fact-based decision making in the context of your enterprise mobility strategy.

SAP HANA and VMware – advantages:

  • Speeds up analyses, reporting and processes
  • SAP HANA as a virtual and secure application platform
  • Increased efficiency of your IT
  • More speed for your core business
  • Enterprise management in real-time
  • Utilization of innovative solutions such as SAP Fiori and SAP Lumira
  • Securing and better utilization of existing IT investments
  • Realization of potential for cost reductions

Sycor-Services for SAP HANA:

  • Consultancy on the use of SAP HANA
  • Design, implementation and operation of a virtual SAP HANA environment on VMware basis, or using dedicated hardware if required
  • Operation in our data centers or in your data centers
  • Flexible, customized and scalable solutions - Sycor cloud services
  • Consultancy and implementation for SAP Fiori and SAP Lumira, based on the use of SAP HANA
  • Identification and implementation of optimization potential for mobile users

Would you like to work with a customized SAP HANA solution that is tailored to midsize enterprises? If so please contact us – we are happy to help you!



Galfa operates in real time with SAP HANA

Thanks to in-memory technology, SAP HANA allows Galfa GmbH to respond immediately to changes in the market, customer behavior and the production processes. Employees always have a current view of the constantly shifting business requirements.

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