Supply Chain Management

Company-wide business process optimization – from suppliers to customers

SCM - Supply Chain Management
Due to worldwide competition and the rapid spread of outsourcing, globalization has accelerated significantly in all sectors. This has led to highly complex, international logistics chains. As a result, there are numerous links on the way from procuring raw materials to delivering the finished product.

Supply chains have to work quickly and cooperatively. They are distinguished through a flexible environment for customer-oriented and demand-controlled companies who exchange information with one another, adapt flexibly to changing market conditions, and react proactively to shorter, hard to forecast product lifecycles.

Sycor: experts and expertise for SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)

This is where the SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) solution can help you. The application offers powerful functions which help you plan and implement logistics processes, identify and respond to events in the supply chain, incorporate feedback in the continuous improvement of workflows and ultimately secure a competitive advantage for yourself.

Would you like to have a centralized overview of your logistics network, with support for your strategic and tactical business planning? If so, you can count on SAP Supply Chain Management – in conjunction with our know-how and the experience of our consultants and developers!

Overview of your advantages with SAP SCM:

  • Greater transparency of the supply chain processes
  • Improved management options, ability to react faster
  • Improved cooperation with your business partners
  • Lower implementation costs
  • Cost savings for integration and upgrade projects

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on SAP SCM. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.


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