The SAP Business All-in-One Industry Solution
for Variant Manufacturers

Sycor.Variants – the fully integrated SAP ERP solution for variant manufacturers

SAP Software Variants - ERP Lösung für Variantenfertiger

As a variant manufacturer, you can benefit from our Sycor.Variants SAP industry solution:

As a midsize variant manufacturer, you can map your entire value chain with Sycor.Variants, our fully integrated SAP industry solution. You profit from preconfigured key processes of your industry and flexible support for your day-to-day business at the same time. As a manufacturer of high-quality products, you are exposed to intensive competitive pressure. At the same time, increasingly complex requirements, customer-specific modifications and high expectations with regard to the quality of your products are forcing you to maintain a high level of flexibility. Close integration with the logistics processes of your business partners requires a high degree of organizational and technical expertise. Changing customer requirements keep on posing new challenges.

Perfectly equipped to meet all challenges

Our compact SAP ERP solution for midsize companies – Sycor.Variants on the basis of SAP Business All-in-One – maps all processes from procurement and customer-specific development right through to complex supplier processes. The solution helps you maintain a clear overview of your business at all times thanks to freely customizable reports as well as integrated financial accounting and controlling functions.

With this full-fledged ERP system for variant manufacturers, you can coordinate your logistics processes across all departments and reliably plan and control your production processes. It perfectly addresses the major challenges of numerous product alternatives with the variant configurator. With product characteristics and the so-called dependencies, all variants of a product can be processed under one material number. Variant configuration is mapped consistently by the system, extending from order entry through production to cost accounting. Sycor.Variants offers unique features for complex production planning and control. Your day-to-day challenges include minimizing lead times and adhering to deadlines while optimizing capacity utilization, preproduction costs and the inventory situation. Sycor.Variants lets you map these requirements as well as plan and control production processes.

Overview of your advantages with SAP for variants:

  • Excellent security of investment
  • Short implementation phase
  • Efficient and transparent workflows
  • Flexible and scalable solution
  • High-quality mission-critical KPIs
  • Customized and intuitive user interface
  • Practice-oriented training concepts

Supports the following business processes and software functions:

  • Variant configuration in production planning
  • Standard integration of CAD systems
  • Quality management across all process steps
  • Efficient support for purchasing, sales and risk management
  • Transparent overview of all inventories and variants
  • EDI functionality in the logistics processes
  • Sycor.OrderCockpit (order processing)
  • Sycor.ProductionCockpit (as the PPS system)
  • Comprehensive planning and MRP procedures
  • Document management for internal and external documents
  • Comprehensive costing functions enable continuous cost controlling
  • G/L accounting, accounts payable and receivable accounting, asset accounting
  • Freely customizable, real-time business reports

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