SAP Global Trade Management (SAP GTM)

SAP GTM: the perfect solution to control your global trading business.

SAP GTM (SAP Global Trade Management)
You operate worldwide and need a business solution that provides the best possible support for your global trading business. You need a solution that allows you to optimize your logistics and supply chain processes beyond your company boundaries, and to respond to requests from suppliers, partners and customers quickly and precisely.

SAP Global Trade Management (SAP GTM) is tailored to your needs: SAP GTM ensures transparent logistics and supply chain processes in globally active companies. This also includes wholesalers, raw material distributors, importers and exporters as well as the procurement and sales departments of global players.

SAP GTM Functionality

Based on a central document, SAP Global Trade Management ensures process transparency: the trading contract records all data for back-to-back business as well as one-sided purchase and sale transactions. It integrates customer orders, purchase orders and all additional costs. By taking into account all costs and allocating them to one or more trading contracts, SAP GTM shows you whether a transaction is profitable.

With optimized downstream processes, SAP Global Trade Management decreases the number of process steps, minimizes manual effort and reduces costs. You can use preconfigured processes or implement your own according to your business model. Downstream transactions such as receiving, inventory management, shipping, invoice verification and invoicing are managed in standard SAP components: sales (SD) and material management (MM).

The trading contract offers support for:

  • Multiple quantity units
  • Multiple currencies
  • Price calculation for trading transactions
  • Partner functions
  • Portfolio assignment
  • Control of open logistics documents
  • Incompleteness checks
  • Status and approval management
  • Copy control
  • Text management
  • Contracting
  • Quantity verification
  • Risk assessment
  • Document flow
  • Central output control
  • Supplier evaluation

SAP GTM also is the central interface between SAP Trading contract management and the trading applications of third-party providers.

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Your advantages with SAP GTM:

  • Full control of purchasing, sales, expenditures and other documents in the supply chain
  • Transparent trading processes
  • Reduction of process steps
  • Control over the profitability of your trading business from the outset
  • Risk minimization


Perfect Complement

As an SAP component, TSW (Trader's and Scheduler's Workbench) can be seamlessly integrated with SAP Global Trade Management (GTM). We show you how to realize the greatest possible benefit!

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