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Integrate your Dynamics 365 ERP with Amazon

Sycor is partnering with ESYON to help businesses integrate their Microsoft ERP system with Amazon Marketplace.

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Sycor Americas has decided to partner with ESYON to expand its product offering to new and existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers in the USA. With ESYON’s Amazon Marketplace Connector, retail and consumer goods businesses that sell through Amazon will now be able to integrate their Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system with Amazon Marketplace.

The Amazon Marketplace Connector is a fully integrated app that allows Amazon sellers to manage their entire Amazon business from their ERP system. Sellers can automatically transfer product lists, stock information, sales, customer data, and prices from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Amazon Marketplace.

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Amazon Marketplace Connector

Amazon Marketplace Connector

Take a look at the product brochure to learn more about the key features and benefits of the solution.

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