- 3/20/18

New ERP in just five months

INOPHA is live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as a cloud solution. The pharmaceuticals distributor meets the requirements for reliable process support with the new ERP system. Dynamics 365 also has the necessary scalability and flexibility to handle current and future planned growth. Sycor was the chosen implementation partner.


INOPHA GmbH has grown quickly since it was founded in 2008. "This growth meant we had to start looking for an ERP system. We were only able to process a limited number of orders per day. That is why we wanted to speed up our processes, so that we would be able to handle all customer requests at the accustomed pace," explains Stefan Adomeit, Managing Directory of Inopha. The company specializes in the import and distribution of pharmaceutical products manufactured in the EU, in particular for the oncology, HIV, and rheumatology therapeutic indications. Known as parallel imports, these original preparations often constitute lower-cost alternatives. Aside from Inopha's service, the healthcare reforms of 2004 contributed to the success of this business model: Since then, pharmacies have been obligated to cover five percent of their sales through parallel imports.

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New ERP in just five months

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