- 8/23/17

Otto Bock Healthcare: Migration from SAP XI 7.0 to SAP PO 7.5

With the discontinued maintenance of the SAP XI 7.0 interface system effective at the end of 2017, medical technology company Ottobock looked to Sycor for a new interface landscape.


"SAP is no longer offering maintenance for our current interface system XI 7.0 starting in 2018. In addition, we were no longer able to install new support or enhancement packages for our SAP ERP, and new functional requirements for the system could not be met anymore," says Steffen Rehse, IT Department Manager at Ottobock, describing the initial situation. This meant the company had to operate its systems without the latest bug fixes and functional improvements – a risk for the IT systems and competitiveness.

In order to migrate the 192 interfaces to SAP PO 7.5, Sycor set up a three-stage system landscape in accordance with best practices. "Aside from the large number of interfaces, the number of different communication protocols represented a major challenge in this project. Our team had to work in AS2, FTP, File, HTTP, JDBC, and RFC among others," explains Gerhard Heinzerling, Project Manager at Sycor. Nevertheless, operating SAP XI 7.0 and SAP PO 7.5 in parallel went smoothly without noteworthy incidents. "In the end, deactivating the legacy systems went entirely unnoticed," Rehse says in conclusion.

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