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SAP XI support is ending – This emergency plan will help you survive the next few months

Support for the SAP XI interface landscape will cease at the end of 2017. Bad news for those of us who still use it! Business-critical system updates will no longer be possible, system security will weaken, and your entire ERP system could be brought to a standstill. But fear not: there is also some good news!

SAP XI Support endet 2017

First and foremost: Not all system landscapes employing SAP XI will break down on January 1, 2018. In fact, at the beginning of the year it's probable that there won't be an obvious impact on any interface. However, issues will arise gradually as time goes on. That means that you still have time to start building up a system landscape that will last into the future. Start now to avoid delays! Here are some areas to cover within the next few months:

Review your processes

This is the perfect time to review your business processes. Are they up to date? Are they being followed in the company? Does your IT team need to implement new processes? Pull together an overview of all processes, old and new, including any interfaces involved. These kinds of functional requirements will give you an overview of the interfaces requiring adaptation or re-creation, and which can be done away with in the future.

Have a coffee with your colleague in Compliance

The world of compliance is ever-changing: current laws cease to be valid, while new ones come into force. Those changes often concern internal processes, directly affecting SAP ERP and its interfaces. The list of changes relevant to compliance is especially long if your company operates internationally. Your colleague working in Compliance will be able to tell you which laws come into operation and when, and which business processes will be affected by them. That will allow you to continue completing your list of functional requirements and schedule any changes to interfaces for compliance reasons. Thus you can ensure that urgent compliance changes don't get in the way of your plan to migrate from SAP XI to SAP PO. 

Get your cost center manager on board

Sure, interface migration doesn't come cheap. But it does ensure your company's future and offers additional opportunities for savings. While SAP XI is still based on Java and ABAP, SAP PO and its successor SAP PI are leaner, cheaper, and more efficient thanks to their Java-only architecture. By migrating your interfaces from SAP XI to SAP PO early enough, you will also avoid a lot of hassle and high costs as a result of system breakdowns. In the worst case, you might even see your production affected by the downtime. These kinds of costs generally end up surpassing those of migration substantially. I'd advise you to set up a personal appointment with your cost center manager to discuss these issues.

Talk to management about the cloud

Even if cloud technology isn't yet relevant to your company, it's worth bearing cloud technology in mind when you plan interface migration. After all, who knows what cloud computing will mean to your business in ten years’ time? Choose a system landscape that is future-proof and compatible with cloud technology. This is where SAP PO comes in: SAP PO and its iFlows can also be used in Cloud Platform Integration. That means that if you move to the cloud at a later date, you can build on the work that you are putting into your interfaces now.

Get in touch with a reliable IT service provider

Once you have reviewed your processes, synchronized your functional requirements with those of your compliance department, convinced your cost center managers to invest, and had an internal discussion about cloud technology, you are ready to migrate your SAP XI landscape to SAP PO or the cloud. Now all you need is a suitable IT service provider that can support you in carrying out this project. Be sure that the service provider can provide references in the area of integration and that it employs experts in SAP XI, SAP PI, and SAP PO, or rather SAP Cloud Platform Integration, as the case may be. Proximity to your company's location and a similar business philosophy can often facilitate co-ordination.


Note: support for SAP PI ends in 2020. That makes now the ideal time to plan interface migration from SAP PI to the next version. By doing so, you will avoid being in a situation where support for your interface landscape ceases. Speak to us today if you are planning this type of migration. We will gladly provide you with advice and support.

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