Pittsburgh - 11/13/17

Sycor Americas expands its partner network

Sycor Americas has expanded its partner network throughout the United States. Learn more about the partners and re-sellers for our Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, Sycor.Rental and Sycor.Service

Partners and Memberships

As a globally positioned independent software vendor (ISV), we have developed a continuously growing network of strong, reliable partners. At Sycor Americas, we work with a number of partners across the United States. Trust, long-term cooperation and quality in the provision of services form the basis of our partnerships. We work with other Microsoft Dynamics 365/ AX partners whose customers have a rental or service need that we can fill. We ensure the implementation of Sycor.Rental and Sycor.Service, our industry solutions fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Here is a look at what some of our partners have to say:

"Through the Sycor partnership, Arbela has been able to strengthen our offerings in the Rental market here in the United States. Having worked personally with Sycor for over 5 years now, we are always appreciative of their professionalism and deep industry knowledge when it comes to the Rental market. Our partnership extends beyond Dynamics and I can say their team are friends, colleagues and advisors."

-Tim Harris, Arbela Technologies

“We believe Sycor has developed the pinnacle of equipment rental solutions. As global lead for Avanade’s heavy equipment group, I foresee strong growth in the equipment rental industry as it continues to outpace growth vs. the typical equipment distribution model. We believe Avanade and Sycor as a team will rapidly become the market leader.”

-Christopher A. Kohart, Avanade Inc.

"Sycor's rental solution simplifies the complexities for the industry. Sycor is a market leader and as a partner, we are able to leverage its rich functionality along with the elegance of the Microsoft Dynamics technology to provide our clients with an end-to-end solution in this rapidly growing industry."

-Gail Snider, Turkey Technologies, Inc.

Larry Miller


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