- 8/23/17

Sycor Grows to Over 700 Employees and Welcomes New IT Talent

Sycor continues to pursue its growth strategy. The IT service provider has recruited more than 50 new employees in the last six months and 16 new trainees joined at the beginning of August. Currently, the Sycor Group has over 700 employees worldwide.

Sycor Azubis August 2017

In February of this year, the Sycor Group announced a new record in the company's history with 650 employees. With steady projects and a good employer reputation, the company has hired 50 additional employees since then. "We are very happy that we have been able to attract numerous new colleagues in such a short time," says Martin Renker, Director of HR Management for the Sycor Group. "We are especially pleased about our new trainees. This year we are training 16 talented young people to fill internal positions," Renker adds.

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