Pittsburgh - 5/22/18

Sycor implements SAP Hybris online shop for Martin Braun

To offer even better service to its customers in the bakery trade, Martin Braun expanded its offering in the fall of 2017 with a SAP Hybris Commerce shop, fully integrated into SAP ERP. The new service has been very well received thus far: After 6 months, many customers have registered on the portal and are actively using it.

Martin Braun KG

Since the implementation of their new SAP Hybris solution, Martin Braun's customers have been able to order products, see an overview of all invoices, and save individual shopping carts in the new shop. The numbers speak for themselves: Many customers have registered on the portal after 6 months and are actively using it.

"We are very satisfied with our new solution. From project consulting to the go-live of our new online shop, working with Sycor was consistently positive. Our customers are enthusiastic about our new level of service as well," confirms Jürgen Rosar, member of the board at Martin Braun.  


  • Better customer service and customer retention through a central point of contact
  • Campaign management and expanded promotion engine
  • Realization of upselling and cross-selling potential
  • Cost reduction in the sales organization

Martin Braun KG

Martin Braun KG

Implementation of an online shop with full SAP ERP integration

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