Pittsburgh - 2/22/18

Sycor sales up by almost 20 percent in 2017

The service provider for digital transformation increased its number of employees by 100 thanks to organic growth in the past financial year. With over 750 employees, Sycor's annual sales grew by almost 20 percent to EUR 85.1 million (approx. 105 million USD).

Geschäftsführer Dr. Marko Weinrich

The positive results in 2017 are due on the one hand, to the overall favorable economic situation and on the other hand, to the successful integration of Sycor's new employees. Because of Sycor's continuing growth, the company will be expanding its offices at its global headquarters in Göttingen, Germany.

"2017 was a positive year for us overall. It was defined by investments, among other things in new employees and office space: We opened our 20th location in Freiburg this past August, and will be moving into our additional facilities at the 'Alter Güterbahnhof' in Göttingen in mid-2018", report Sycor's President & Chief Executive Officer Dr. Marko Weinrich and Rüdiger Krumes. 

Helge Roth


Helge Roth

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