- 9/29/16

Technology leap for Sycor.Rental

Sycor.Rental, based on the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX (Update: Now Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations), is a ‘cloud first, mobile first’ solution. The ERP industry solution for the rental of mobile goods is fully mobile and intuitive to use. Customers also benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, as well as functional extensions, including self-service options for end customers and suppliers.


With the technology leap to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX (Update: Now Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations), Sycor.Rental is more innovative, intuitive and flexible than ever before. The experience we have accumulated from numerous customer projects around the world has also been applied to the functional extensions of our rental industry solution.


  • Once upgraded, Sycor.Rental offers all of the advantages of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform - the same as with the basic version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. In particular, it boasts the scalability and flexibility required in a dynamic market environment.


  • This enhanced flexibility further enhances the multi-site and multi-country capabilities of the solution, which were already impressive thanks to the support for multiple locations, currencies, and languages.


  • By combining the cloud possibilities with the new web-based client, versus a Windows desktop client, full mobile availability of the industry solution for mobile goods rental, trade, and service is assured on all devices. Employees can use Sycor.Rental on a smart phone or tablet anywhere and anytime, even on a customer's construction site or in a large open-air storage facility. Both keyboard and touch screen input is supported.


  • Workspaces in Sycor.Rental: Every employee is provided with a tidy, customizable, digital workspace. It routinely brings together all required information and functions based on roles. Specific business intelligence functions and dashboards, optionally provided via Microsoft Power BI, supplement the workspace.


  • Significant additional benefits are offered through the integration with other Microsoft Cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft SharePoint.


  • The new customer self-service functions are also of great use to rental companies. They can be offered to customers and suppliers, without the need to purchase licenses. They too only need internet access to view items such as invoices, delivery notes, open items, or rental inventories.


  • Intercompany rental processes are now supported as well.


  • The rental processes have been fully integrated into the standard project module of Microsoft Dynamics AX.


  • The device specifications have been expanded and structured. Lessors are now able to access dynamic current and historical data simultaneously.


  • Sycor.Rental is available as a cloud solution in the Microsoft AppSource.
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