Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX) for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Process Industries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations - the industry solution for chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Dynamics AX ERP Software for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
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With the deployment of Process Industries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (Dynamics AX), you benefit from an integrated business solution expanded by industry-specific functions. Process Industries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations helps you continuously improve your business processes throughout the company – nationally and internationally.

The solution provides you with integrated functionality to plan and control purchasing, production and distribution, manage invoicing and accounting, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Process Industries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations supports a wide range of different production processes, e.g. job-order manufacturing and make-to-stock production, combined manufacturing or an environment that takes individual and process-oriented activities into account. This allows you to seamlessly integrate all production processes.

Process Industries in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations offers comprehensive information in real time for transparency, smooth processes and rapid response to customer demands.

All employees across all departments can access information in real time, significantly reducing the effort required for purchasing, sales and production decisions. You can realize the required changes and corrections more quickly and make better, substantiated decisions. Your economic targets can be monitored at all times.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the familiarity of other well-known Microsoft applications in its design and functionality. Your employees will use all the tools independently after a short time, allowing them to work more effectively. For even greater ease of use, the interface can be adapted to the individual preferences and habits of each user. This enables users to work efficiently and intelligently. 

With Process Industries within Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX), you can utilize numerous functions from other Microsoft products and in addition, you are given the flexibility and scalability to grow with your business, meaning the value of your IT investment will remain secure over the long term.

Supported business processes and software functions include:

  • Mapping and supporting various production processes, e.g. job-order manufacturing, make-to-stock production and combined manufacturing
  • Taking individual and process-oriented activities into account
  • Planning co-products and by-products
  • Management of formulations and formulas
  • Quality management and control
  • Lot tracking and product series
  • Cost accounting for individual processes
  • Support for FEFO (First Expired/First Out) and minimum durability data
  • Lot size administration, multiple stock dimensions
  • Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management
  • Integrated controlling functions
  • Freely customizable, real-time business reports

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