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Increase efficiency and improve the quality of your business processes with a solution that is tailored to the dealer management industry.

We have combined the comprehensive, fully integrated functions of a modern dealer management system with powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) functions. Whether you are a dealer of construction equipment, machines, trucks or agricultural equipment, our solution, Sycor.Dealermanagement, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX), is tailored to your company's needs.

Sycor.Dealermanagement provides you and your employees with efficient, modern functions through seamless, full integration with all our modules. In addition to mapping the trade in multiple brands – new and used vehicles, machines, equipment and accessories – these include multi-site functions for scheduling, maintenance and service, as well as equipment and accessory management.  

As a result, you speed up your business processes, improve their quality, and provide seamless support for your customers from initial contact to the final sale.

As a full range service provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we offer a comprehensive list of services for your project - consulting, implementation with worldwide rollouts, development, project management, training, and multilingual support.

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the ERP solution for dealer management

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