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Companies and suppliers in the oil and gas industry face a number of challenges, including volatile crude oil prices, sudden changes in business cycles, capital intensive projects, strict government regulations, and intense competition. Sycor has been working with oil & gas companies and suppliers to tackle these obstacles for many years.

With a fully integrated business management system that is flexible and cost-effective, you will add significant value to your organization. We will help you improve the efficiency of your processes, increase profitability, and maintain your competitive advantage. With our expertise, you can realize the full potential of your solution and adapt it to fit the unique requirements of your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX) for Oil & Gas

Take a look at Microsoft's comprehensive ERP solution, supporting all the main components of an oil & gas organization/supplier.
dynamics 365 for oil & gas

for Oil & Gas

Learn more about our SAP and industry expertise and the ERP solution for the oil and gas industry, SAP IS-OIL.
sap for oil & gas
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