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Full control of your fleet: Sycor.Fleet meets all the requirements of a modern, practical fleet management software system – including the native ERP functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Sycor.Fleet is a genuine "cloud first, mobile first" ERP solution. Thanks to its combination of unique multi-site, multi-currency, and multilingual capabilities, with the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, it is made for national and international deployment. Your employees have role-based access to processes and data on any device – at any time and fully mobile. Sycor.Fleet, therefore, supports the tasks of the respective employee in a tailored manner.

With Sycor.Fleet, you ensure optimum capacity utilization for your fleet, the optimized use of transportation resources, improved deployment of your service staff, as well as perfect planning and timely execution of service and maintenance. You reduce your costs, improve the quality of your delivery and service processes, and increase availability, thus reducing downtime in your fleet. All of which improves customer satisfaction.


Sycor.Fleet – all processes in one system

Sycor.Fleet supports you and your employees with practical functions for modern fleet management. In doing so, it helps you realize the optimization and cost reduction potential for your fleet across locations. Thanks to its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sycor.Fleet also offers comprehensive, fully integrated ERP functionality. This gives you full control of all business processes. The processes are backed by asset lifecycle management and business intelligence functions (optionally provided through Microsoft Power BI), as well as extensive and structured device specifications.

Sycor.Fleet Process Circle 

Some of the comprehensive, proven functions include:

  • Management of vehicle data, including model classification, technical specifications, insurance information, purchase and leasing data, equipment features, accounting assignment, etc.
  • Documentation of costs or sales data in relation to each vehicle (optionally, the driver) and accounting details (e.g., cost center, cost unit, asset)
  • Updates to mileage, (actual) hours of operation
  • Reporting (vehicle costs, mileage)
  • Management of accessories / tire sets
  • Logging of damage claims with reference number, accident reports, parties involved, insurance information, and additional materials (documents, photos, etc.)
  • Management of driver (personnel) data, including addresses, communication details, driver's license information, etc.

In Addition, you and your employees can rely on powerful, cross-location functions and processes for scheduling, transport management, workshop and service, asset lifecycle management, and financial management:


Real-time scheduling

  • For machines, equipment, accessories, and operating personnel
  • Across multiple workstations and locations
  • With integrated service and maintenance dates
  • With convenient filter functions

Transport management

  • With working periods and rest periods for drivers, remaining shift, and driving time
  • With suitable delivery dates and time slots
  • With visualized route planning, including loading and unloading points displayed on the map
  • With parallel scheduling of multiple routes

Workshop and service

  • For the planning and execution of workshop and service orders
  • With feedback to scheduling and purchasing
  • With seamless recording of required replacement parts, consumables, and labor times, as well as their allocation to originators
  • Availability of the information in the equipment file for the assets (asset management)

Asset lifecycle management

  • Management of the entire lifecycle for equipment, machines, vehicles, and accessories
  • With access to all data from purchase to sale in real time
  • With convergence of information from the finance, workshop, and service modules

Finance management

  • Including financial accounting, asset accounting, and cost
  • With full control over accounting, receivables, payables, budgets, forecasts, and cash flow
  • Fully integrated with all processes in the industry solution
  • With powerful analysis tools for continuous transparency

Sycor.Fleet – all processes in one system

The comprehensive tools for capturing, processing and evaluating data featured in Sycor.Fleet are at your disposal at any time – fully mobile, intuitive, and tailored to the needs of each individual employee. This ensures fast, lean processes and high user satisfaction.

Through the web-based client, Sycor.Fleet can be used on any device. Employees can access their processes and data on a smart phone or tablet anywhere and anytime. Both keyboard and touch screen input are supported. The workspace concept focuses on the employee, who is provided with a tidy, customizable, and digital workspace. It routinely brings together all required information and functions based on roles. Specific business intelligence functions and dashboards, optionally provided via Microsoft Power BI, supplement the workspace. This ensures short processing times and quick decisions.


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