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Sycor.Service is a solution tailored to slim and efficient customer service processes – fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. With Sycor.Service you extend the service life of equipment, machines, and plants with optimum services. In addition to all classic after-sales service processes, Sycor.Service also supports the project business within the framework of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. Sycor.Service is a genuine "cloud first, mobile first" solution: Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, Sycor.Service combines the scalability and flexibility of the cloud with full mobile availability. You can manage your service organization competently across all locations – nationally, internationally, and worldwide. Your employees have full mobile access to the required information and functions at all times and on any device. Sycor.Service lays the foundation for fast action and the efficient use of the best possible resources to resolve problems in a timely manner and to complete maintenance orders. With the use of Microsoft Power BI and Machine Learning, you obtain all information required to provide services proactively. This improves the satisfaction of your customers and ties them more closely to your company in the long term.

Sycor.Service – Application Scenarios


Smooth processes and the ability to act quickly are prerequisites for success in the service business. Based on our experience in the service industry, we have developed Sycor.Service as a fitting solution for companies in the following industries where customer service plays a role in value creation:

  • Producers of technical goods
  • Dealers of technical goods
  • Equipment manufacturers and companies with a focus on project engineering
  • Mobile goods, machine, and equipment rental firms with a workshop, customer support, and service

The special functions and processes of Sycor.Service for these industries include:


Machine & equipment production

  • Configuration using a product configurator
  • Production BOM becomes the initial specification
  • Manufacturer guarantee handling
  • Equipment lifecycle from the start of production

Machine & equipment trade

  • Quotation management
  • End-to-end lifecycle from acquisition to disposal
  • Equipment upgrading/conversion
  • Equipment as capital assets and current assets

Project and plant engineering & construction

  • Machine structure
  • Machines in project handling
  • Maintenance plans for secondary equipment

Rental of mobile goods

  • Conversions before and after rentals
  • Workshop orders in the context of rental returns
  • Cost collection in periodic orders over the rental term

Sycor.Service – all processes for providing efficient Services


Sycor.Service as a solution fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides all functions you need to optimally administer equipment, fleets, or entire plants throughout their lifecycle. The core elements of any service process – equipment management, quotations, service orders, maintenance orders, and periodic orders – are integral elements of Sycor.Service.

We adapted the relevant functions for the application of after-sales service processes. The scope of functionality was purposefully streamlined: You can improve the quality and speed of your services with Sycor.Service. Sycor.Service also supports the project business within the scope of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations.


The efficient functions and processes of Sycor.Service include:


  • Mapping the overall process: From order entry and planning, including graphical resource planning, to processing using the app for technicians (on any device, online or offline), to time, cost, sales, and replacement part recording to invoicing.
  • Freely definable machine structures for a better overview
  • Integration into equipment production and trading
  • Full integration into Sycor.Rental
  • Machine specifications use components, free text, and BOMs to describe the machines
  • The equipment lifecycle shows all transactions clearly by business cases:
    • From the quotation to acquisition to the sale of equipment
    • From acquisition to the various rentals
    • From contract signing to all maintenance orders to fault rectification and conversions
  • End-to-end processes facilitate procedures in service centers and support:
    • Identification of every piece of equipment in the structure tree
    • Quotations as a precursor for maintenance and service orders
    • Periodic orders to support facility processes
    • Fault management using fault and resolution codes
    • Fully automatic service level agreements
  • Thanks to the use of Microsoft Power BI as the analysis tool, you not only receive all relevant information about current contracts, incurred guarantee costs, and sales from repair orders, but also the information required for proactive maintenance and repairs
  • Permanent data flows from the various components and equipment are analyzed in the course of machine learning and present indicators for service tasks even before damage can impair the function of machines and equipment.

Sycor.Service – intuitive to use thanks to a clear interface


We developed Sycor.Service as a streamlined solution to support service processes. Intuitive usability for all employees thanks to the clear interface is of central importance to us. Employees have full access to Sycor.Service from any device using the web-based client. Workspaces present all information and functions that are needed regularly through clear, customizable, role-based user interfaces. Your employees record, edit, and analyze data with mobile access, intuitively and task-based. This ensures short processing times and fast decisions.

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