Microsoft Power BI

If you need an overview of all of your business data, you should rely on Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI helps you collect, structure, evaluate, and visualize all information that is relevant for decision-making in your company.

Microsoft Power BI combines information from all data sources such as Microsoft Excel, local data sources such as your ERP system, and data stored in the cloud such as Hadoop datasets and streaming data. In seconds you can begin an analysis, identify trends, and have access to your company's most important business figures in real time and with individual dashboards. With Microsoft Power BI you can structure, analyze, and visualize your data entirely according to your preferences.

Sharing insights – mobile access

Another benefit is that Microsoft Power BI lets you easily share your insights with colleagues. Not only can you provide them with the visualized results, but also with interactive reports. Thus you can easily provide management with all relevant information needed for decision making. You can design the corresponding report once and use it over and over again.

Sycor services for Microsoft Power BI

Our business & data analytics services include consulting, conceptual design, and the implementation of Microsoft Power BI infrastructures – as a comprehensive cloud solution, hybrid infrastructure, or with on-premise/local data sources. Our Sycor Standard Cube approach ensures efficient and quick access to business intelligence and forms the perfect link between the Dynamics 365 world and Microsoft PowerBI. Data is transformed into information in minutes. You too can count on Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI – your benefits include:

  • Collecting, structuring and evaluating decision-relevant company data along with clear visualization
  • Integration of information from Excel sheets, local data sources – such as the ERP system, Hadoop datasets and streaming data – with the data stored in the cloud
  • Self-Service BI without IT department support
  • Time savings thanks to drag & drop, intuitive user interface and modern data visualizations
  • Sharing the results and interactive reports with colleagues
  • Mobile access to the analyses

For questions, further information, or to discuss your company's needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to advise you in detail!

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