SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

With SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (SAP Hybris C4C), we help you boost your sales success and improve your service – you can systematically improve your customer orientation with the SAP Hybris C4C solution portfolio.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers (SAP Hybris C4C)

Focus on your customer

Having the best possible customer orientation is a key success factor in a competitive environment – both nationally and globally. With SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, you provide your employees with the tools they need for customer-oriented action. SAP has bundled the cloud solution portfolio for customer relationship management under the name SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.

Score multiple points with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Your sales and service teams use functions proven in practice, meeting their everyday requirements for customer-oriented action with mobile availability and, thanks to full integration with the ERP system, using real-time data. Ease of use, efficient processes, integration with Microsoft Outlook, and user-friendly interfaces leave more room for the essentials: contact with customers to meet individual requirements quickly and reliably. Therefore, you optimize your sales success and customer service. Transparent and user-dependent licensing models, as well as short implementation times of two to six weeks, ensure high flexibility and a rapid return on investment (ROI). Thanks to operation in the SAP data centers, the system features high availability and security while taking pressure off of your own IT department.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer by Sycor

We have focused on SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales and SAP Hybris Cloud for Service out of the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution portfolio. We ensure that you benefit from the speed, flexibility and efficiency of these solutions. With SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, you get to know your customers better and make the sales process simpler and more effective for both sides – ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction and greater business success. With SAP Hybris Cloud for Service, you intensify contact and networking with your customers after concluding a transaction – and gain them as advocates for your services and products.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer – your benefits:

  • Tailor-made tools for customer-oriented action
  • More efficient processes through full integration with your ERP system and Microsoft Outlook
  • Mobile availability of functions and processes
  • Greater sales success and improved quality in customer service
  • Rapid ROI through short implementation times and user-dependent licensing models
  • Optimized system availability and security through operation in SAP data centers
  • Around-the-clock operational support by SAP experts
  • Binding service level agreements (SAP)
  • Worldwide compliance with data privacy standards guaranteed by SAP

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