SAP Web Channel Experience Management

SAP Web Channel Experience Management

Cohesive processes and functions in one application for B2B and B2C scenarios

As a platform for realizing the entire sales transaction, SAP Web Channel Experience Management (WCEM) meets customer expectations for a consistent and personalized shopping experience.  SAP WCEM combines cohesive processes and functions for e-commerce, e-marketing and e-service. We have compiled a selection of the most important functions for you below.

From our years of experience, we can make SAP WCEM fully accessible to you and your business. With our integrated consulting approach, comprehensive services, and our modules developed in-house, we ensure excellent usability, help you optimize the presentation of your products and give you the tools to analyze user behavior.

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Online shop customers:

  • Can search for products or their own transactions
  • Obtain information on availability and pricing
  • Can choose between multiple payment methods and delivery options
  • Are able to enter various shipping and billing addresses
  • Receive an order confirmation

The e-commerce functions are also closely integrated with the e-marketing functions
(SAP CRM back end).

You can:

  • Set up and manage marketing campaigns to promote special prices in an online shop
  • Through the rebate in kind function, offer online shop customers free additional products for the purchase of a product
  • Present various types of product suggestions to online shop customers, including global and personalized top product lists, global and personalized cross, up and down-selling as well as accessories
  • Give online shop customers the opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter


* With SAP Web Channel Experience Management, you can effectively present your products in the online shop for greater competitiveness. Except for cross-selling (proposals of suitable products), which is also available with SAP ERP, all of these functions are only available with the SAP CRM back end. We are happy to further expand this standard according to your wishes.

Your customers can:

  • Register products to activate product guarantees and create customer profiles
  • Extend existing service contracts
  • Request information on a product and services from the online shop, and set appointments for on-site customer service
  • Submit complaints and initiate product returns
  • By assigning rights, you can control the e-service actions that users can perform.

* SAP Web Channel Experience Management helps you reduce costs for making contact with your customers while improving customer satisfaction. Online shop customers can access information on products and services directly in the online shop. E-service functions are available exclusively with SAP CRM back end.

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