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With SAP ERP, you establish a solid software foundation for your company - whether large or midsize.

You create full transparency and boost your innovativeness. On this basis, you design flexible workflows that meet your requirements. The range of functions is designed for global business, and flexible expansion is possible when required – so that you can achieve lasting efficiency, cost and competitive advantages.

SAP ERP applications are reliable and offer you all of the functions your business needs. SAP ERP offers a rapid return on investment for your company: more effective management of your business processes helps you make better decisions, work more productively, gain firm control of costs and generate higher profits. As a result, you also work more efficiently since you have the flexibility to extend the range of your business processes – within and outside your organization. When market requirements or economic conditions change, you can make adjustments quickly.

Sycor and SAP ERP

SAP ERP maps your central business processes: finance, human resources, procurement, logistics, product development, manufacturing, sales and service, as well as internal corporate services. In addition to the standard functions, we can expand the system according to your requirements and offer you a complete range of services all the way to full outsourcing.

For more than 10 years, our experienced experts have been implementing and operating ERP systems for midsize companies on the basis of SAP. Our employees have acquired in-depth industry know-how and have developed special applications for specific sectors. SAP itself takes advantage of this know-how for the development of its SAP Business All-in-One solutions.

For questions, further information, or to discuss your company's needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to advise you in detail!

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