SAP for Oil & Gas (SAP IS-OIL)

With the SAP for Oil & Gas (SAP IS-OIL) solution and our expertise, we are the IT partner of choice for the oil and gas industry.

Companies in the oil and gas industry are facing an increasingly tough global market environment. They have little or no influence on market forces: examples include volatile prices of crude oil, the worldwide increase in energy consumption and compliance with legal requirements. Additional challenges include capital-intensive development projects and the need to ensure secure internal processes. Existing production resources have to be used as efficiently as possible, products need to be delivered according to demand, and outstanding customer service is essential.

There is no doubt: in order to be profitable in the long term, companies have to optimize their internal business processes, keep costs under control and respond to market opportunities quickly. With the SAP for Oil & Gas (SAP IS-OIL) solution, we support you in developing a powerful, integrated IT environment, helping you tackle these challenges and ensuring long-term success in your market.

SAP for Oil & Gas (SAP IS-OIL) – the SAP Solution for the Oil and Gas Industry

SAP has developed the industry solution, SAP IS-OIL, featuring tools and automated processes designed specifically for the oil and gas sector. SAP IS-OIL is the leading integrated solution for the entire value-added chain of the oil and gas industry – from the wellhead to the gas station. SAP IS-OIL supports all business processes in the oil & gas industry – from supply chain management to production and from logistics planning to integrated process control. Numerous processes in development, procurement, production, sales and service can be automated and centrally administered with this solution.

With SAP IS-OIL, we provide your employees with standard processes and tools that make their day-to-day activities easier. We consistently supply your employees with the information they need to do their jobs. Because all processes are integrated, productivity throughout your company increases and your financial results improve.

Your advantages with SAP for Oil & Gas:

  • Transparent processes and costs
  • Comprehensive planning and administration of your plant performance
  • Targeted investments in plant development
  • Increasing productivity with decreasing capital and extraction costs
  • High-quality mission-critical KPIs
  • Secure investment

Outstanding industry and process expertise in collaboration with SAP

We have been in a highly successful partnership with SAP since the year 2000: our employees support customers worldwide with the implementation, consulting and enhancement of the SAP industry solution for oil and gas.

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