The SAP Business All-in-One Industry Solution
for Surface Engineering

Sycor.Surface – the fully integrated SAP ERP solution for surface engineering companies

SAP Surface

Perfectly prepared and positioned for the future

As a service provider in the surface engineering sector, you are exposed to intensive competitive pressure. At the same time, increasingly complex requirements, customer-specific modifications and high expectations with regard to the quality of your products are forcing you to maintain a high level of flexibility. Far-reaching integration with the logistics processes of your business partners requires a high degree of organizational and technical expertise. In addition, regulatory guidelines are constantly placing new demands on your reporting tools. With Sycor.Surface, the ERP industry solution for surface engineering based on SAP Business All-in-One, you are perfectly equipped to meet all of these challenges.

Overview of all relevant business processes

As a compact SAP ERP solution, Sycor.Surface maps all your processes, from procurement and customer-specific development right through to complex supplier processes. You can maintain a clear overview of your business at all times thanks to freely customizable reports as well as integrated financial accounting and controlling functions. With this full-fledged ERP system, you can coordinate your logistics processes across all departments and reliably plan and control your production processes.

Overview of your advantages:

  • Excellent security of investment
  • Short implementation phase
  • Efficient and transparent workflows
  • Flexible and scalable solution
  • High-quality mission-critical KPIs
  • Customized and intuitive user interface
  • Practice-oriented training concepts
  • Transparent view of all key performance indicators
  • Preconfigured industry-specific processes ensure a high level of planning and process reliability
  • Lean, automated processes ensure shorter lead times and faster rollouts

With the knowledge and experience accumulated in numerous successful SAP projects for surface engineering companies, we have preconfigured the crucial industry processes. We also map your specific business processes in the system with our expertise and SAP know-how in combination with the flexibility of this solution, providing you with an ERP system tailored to your needs.

Supports the following business processes and software functions:

  • Rack and drum handling with changing quantity units (KG/EA – EA/KG)
  • Standardized EDI process according to VDA (entire order-to-cash process)
  • Order and master data quick entry especially for the surface finishing industry
  • Transparency and controlling with Sycor.OrderCockpit and Sycor.ProductionCockpit
  • Integration of external service providers into the production process
  • Automatic credit memo procedure for external subcontracting
  • Mobile data entry in the entire logistics process with Sycor.MobiDel
  • Container management with automatic returnable packaging reconciliation
  • Quality management processes with 8D report, initial sample test report according to VDA, measurement protocols & certificates
  • Connection to measuring equipment via standard interfaces
  • Standards / knowledge base with document management system
  • Integration of plant computers with Sycor.BDE and Sycor.MDE
  • Maintenance management including rack and drum administration
  • Hazardous substance management according to REACH
  • Sales and costs of the facilities with contribution margin calculation
  • Integrated procurement functions with special processing of precious metals
  • Integrated G/L accounting, accounts payable and receivable accounting, credit management
  • Flexible, adaptable business management analyses in real

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