Optimized Customer Management

SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) offers you a transparent overview of all customer data

SAP Customer Relationship Management / SAP CRM

Customer information as an important competitive advantage

It used to be that customer retention did not play a central role, since the products and their attributes where in the foreground. Today, service is the crucial factor in deciding whether the customer stays with you.

You need important information about your customers in the entire process – for Marketing, Sales and Service. With SAP CRM, you and your employees receive an integrated, web-based platform which handles all customer processes. SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) allows you to store customer data centrally, make it available across departments and speed up processes significantly. You gain valuable competitive advantages and recognize customer wishes early on.

Under a single graphical portal interface, the application combines all Marketing, Sales, Service and Call Center business activities. As a shared working platform, the application captures all customer information in a central knowledge database that can be edited in real time at each point of contact.

With role-specific functions, the solution provides efficient process support in all sales channels and for various task owners. Rules supported by workflows and modern technology make the variety of tasks in all parts of the company easier as well.

Overview of your advantages with SAP CRM:

  • Fast user productivity
  • Central database for all customer information
  • Access to customer information by all departments
  • Simplified, faster processes
  • Application in any system environment
  • Customer retention support

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