Software Asset Management

Consulting for Effective License Administration and Management

Software Asset Management (SAM)
Software asset management (SAM) is the administration of software licenses. Software is acquired by every company and this is associated with licensing obligations. Control over the investments in software and licenses is crucial. Ideally, this is handled by an efficient process, along with experts who can advise you.

Software asset management serves to control and optimize your company's IT portfolio. The processes and methods are tailored to make the regular reconciliation of the existing software portfolio and actual installations as straightforward as possible, taking into account the dynamic nature of an IT infrastructure.

After all, under-licensing is expensive and bears high liability risks. Any use of software without a license and the approval of the originator may be illegal and criminal charges can ultimately be laid. We will help you make sure this is never a concern for your company.

First, we take an inventory of your software and the licenses you have already acquired. We obtain an overview of the software used in your company and the documentation you have for each software product.

Thanks to our software asset management services, you can manage your software efficiently and with confidence that all legal standards are being met.

You benefit from:

  • Cost savings with ongoing and professional license management
  • A straightforward and quick overview of the actual license portfolio
  • An ideal planning basis for software updates and procurement
  • Time savings thanks to an overview of the software licenses used
  • Legal certainty through compliance with legal regulations and the respective manufacturer requirements
  • Protection against possible legal consequences
  • A partner with expertise in the application of current licensing laws and a recognized status with software providers, such as Microsoft and Adobe

Our services for your business:

  • Review and preparation of license analyses
  • Risk assessment
  • Quick response and direct contact with the compliance departments of software providers
  • Annual compliance certification
  • Preparation and support for the negotiation of master agreements
  • Licensing competence center
  • Volume licensing helpdesk
  • Fixed project fees for all phases to introduce an effective SAM process

For questions, further information, or to discuss your company's needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to advise you in detail!

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