Göttingen - 10/30/19

Enticement of employees and customers by Arineo before the courts: no settlement between Sycor and Arineo

The Göttingen Labor Court scheduled a conciliation hearing between Sycor and Arineo for 30 October 2019. It was aimed at exploring possibilities for a settlement. No settlement was reached. Therefore, the proceedings will continue.

"We are not turning against the employees who changed jobs, but are holding Arineo responsible with its former managers that were in charge," Sycor Managing Director Ronald Geiger emphasized.

Whether the Labor Court or the District Court has jurisdiction for resolving the allegations was also discussed at the conciliation hearing. Both parties now had the opportunity to give their opinion on this issue. "The speedy continuation of the proceedings is important to us," Geiger said.

Background: Sycor has concrete evidence that Arineo engaged in unfair practices to entice employees and customers. Therefore the IT service provider based in Göttingen brought an action against Arineo GmbH in Germany in September of 2019. In July of 2019 Sycor's Austrian subsidiary had already brought an action against Arineo GmbH and Arineo Austria GmbH in Austria.

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