The SAP Business All-in-One industry solution
for the medical technology industry.

Sycor.Medical – the fully integrated SAP ERP solution for medical technology companies

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In the face of international competition, you have to identify and occupy market niches as quickly as possible. To stand up to your competitors, you have to develop innovative products faster and faster. At the same time, your customers increasingly expect higher-quality products and services, while more complex production processes and new regulatory guidelines place ever-greater demands on your planning and reporting capabilities.

With the Sycor.Medical ERP industry solution, medical technology companies have control of all business processes

In order to stay competitive in this challenging environment, you need stable, efficient processes, not to mention flexibility and complete control of costs. You also need an IT solution that gives you the best possible support: Sycor.Medical, the SAP Business All-in-One industry solution for medical technology. The key processes of your industry have been preconfigured in this compact, full-fledged ERP solution for medium-sized businesses. This solution gives you a firm handle on all your business processes, from product development, product lifecycle management (including procurement, production and financial accounting) right through to maintenance and service. In addition, an integrated document management system (DMS) helps you manage all the documents arising in your processes.

Do you have additional, individual requirements for an ERP system? By combining our industry, process and SAP know-how with the flexibility of the SAP Business All-in-One industry solution Sycor.Medical, we are able to map these requirements in the system with little effort. In doing so, we make Sycor.Medical entirely your ERP solution.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent security of investment
  • Short implementation phase
  • Efficient and transparent workflows
  • Flexible and scalable solution
  • High-quality mission-critical KPIs
  • Customized and intuitive user interface
  • Practice-oriented training concepts
  • Transparent view of all key performance indicators
  • Preconfigured industry-specific processes ensure a high level of planning and process reliability
  • Lean, automated processes ensure shorter lead times and faster rollouts

Supports the following business processes and software functions:

  • Integrated development processes with cost and deadline monitoring
  • Document management for internal and external documents
  • Scheduling agreement processing and credit memo procedures in accordance with VDA requirements
  • Mapping of foreign trade regulations
  • Handling unit management and packaging according to customer requirements
  • Returnable packaging handling
  • Tool construction and tool management
  • Repetitive manufacturing with integrated preliminary and final costing
  • Comprehensive planning and MRP procedures
  • Integrated procurement processes including vendor evaluations
  • Integrated quality management processes across the entire supply chain
  • G/L accounting, accounts payable and receivable accounting, asset accounting
  • Freely customizable, real-time business reports

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