SAP Rollout to China

We make your SAP system fit for use in China

Many European industrial manufacturers, for example plastics and metal processing companies, automotive industry suppliers and medical technology companies are taking the bold step to China. Once there, these companies not only face the challenges of a different mentality, traditions and the culture of their Asian business partners, but also the legal requirements imposed on their SAP system. We help you master these challenges optimally. We have been active in the Asian market ourselves for many years. With a subsidiary in Singapore and a branch in Shanghai, we have our own resources for IT projects in Asia. We have special expertise in preparing SAP systems for use in China.

Whether the company headquarters follow the HGB (German Commercial Code), IAS (International Accounting Standards) or IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), the Chinese GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) apply in China – and we know how to converge them, in large part thanks to experience we accumulated in our numerous projects. We supply the appropriate financial reports and operational forms for GAAP. Furthermore, we offer a complete solution for the "Golden Audit" as well as one for meeting the requirements of the "Golden Tax". We facilitate customs clearing for China through the SAP system. Our staff in China can provide a Chinese translation of the operating system and ensure professional SAP training by native speakers.

Overview of your advantages

  • Experience in the convergence of international standards with Chinese GAAP
  • Solutions for the Golden Audit
  • Compliance with Golden Tax requirements
  • Contacts in Germany and China
  • Professional training by native speakers

Next to our IT know-how, our experience in dealing with Asian business partners and their mentality, traditions and culture is an established element of our consulting expertise. Even before you take the step to China, we can advise you in reaching strategic decisions. Once you are on site, our solutions grow along with your requirements.

Interested? If so, please contact us and arrange a consultation.

Our references

  • Hu-Friedy Shanghai
  • Nemak Nanjing
  • Simona Guangdong
  • Otto Bock HealthCare
  • Sloan Valve Suzhou
  • Sensus Metering Systems

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