Wuxi, China - 9/6/18

SAP implementation at Diehl SynchroTec in Wuxi, China

Diehl SynchroTec Manufacturing (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. only used specialized software for accounting and worked without an integrated ERP system to date. To eliminate costs for the administration of redundant data and make controlling more efficient, the Sycor experts used SAP Activate, the agile project methodology by SAP, and went live with the new ERP system based on Sycor.Automotive within ten months.


Diehl SynchroTec Manufacturing (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. – DST for short – used to plan its production in Excel. Thus, keeping count of the inventory in the production lines became increasingly problematic. "Our goal with the new SAP system was to introduce controlling in Wuxi for both finance and the inventories that comes up to the high expectations of the Diehl Group," Olipitz explains, "and we accomplished that."

In the course of the project, data preparation turned out a special challenge. DST has hundreds of articles that are based on BOMs with up to six levels. Then there were complicated work processing sheets and the employees were not used to working with this kind of master data. With its new SAP R3 solution, DST is now able to centrally administer its article, BOM and work processing sheets. The procurement and production planning is now based on the sales forecast in SAP. This allows DST to react more quickly to the changes made by the customers, which are common on the Chinese market, and immediately adapt the stock.


  • Integrated production planning and procurement based on a sales forecast adapting in real time
  • Better control of production costs
  • Better overview of internal and external stock movements
  • Better overview of byproducts and waste


Diehl SynchroTec

SAP Implementierung bei Diehl SynchroTec in Wuxi, China

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