Sycor Group

As a full-service ITC provider we are both regionally based and effective throughout the world!

The Sycor Group's development began in 1998, when parent company SYCOR GmbH was founded with 14 employees. Today, the Sycor Group consists of eight companies with a total of 20 locations spanning six countries worldwide. We're both regionally based and effective throughout the world!

As a full-service ITC provider offering a comprehensive portfolio, our success is built on our consistent focus on our customers: their needs are at the center of everything we do. And because only satisfied employees provide outstanding support for customers and their own company, employee focus is just as important to us.

Our strength lies in our shared goals and shared philosophy, in values we put into practice every day as well as in our cooperation-based company culture. And in our almost 500 employees, who identify with the company and are committed to serving our customers 365 days a year.

Together, we give IT a face!

Common ground
Our philosophy

Find out more about our shared goals, our values, our strategy and what drives us.

Our locations

Here you'll find contact details for all 17 of our locations in nine countries and five different time zones.

Facts, figures, data

Facts, figures and data from 1998 up to today – we've put together a concise compilation. Take a look!
Wendy Ong

Sycor contact

Wendy Ong

Head of Corporate Services

Phone +65 6500 6319

Fax +65 6500 6382


Heinrich-v.-Stephan-Str. 1-5

37073 Göttingen

Phone +49 551 490 0

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