Sycor Singapore

Sycor Singapore
Sycor Singapore is a full-range service provider with comprehensive business process management and IT services. Sycor concentrates on specific industry markets with Sycor solutions based on standard business software such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365. With our solutions Sycor.Rental, Sycor.Fleet, Sycor.Service and Sycor.Dealermanagement as well as the corresponding, fully embedded modules, we offer optimum support for the rental, trade, service and maintenance of mobile goods as well as fleet management.

Sycor Singapore has similar SAP-based solutions in place for the plastics, metal processing, surface engineering, healthcare industries and mechanical engineering and tool construction as well as automobile industry suppliers. Sycor Singapore also offers consulting, training content development and content delivery, deployment services, IT services, project management and high-quality application support.

Our offering of ITC solutions and services is just as comprehensive, extending all the way to full outsourcing and the setup of complete IT infrastructures.

A member of the Sycor Group, a global IT service provider, Sycor Asia is closely networked with its global teams in Germany, USA and Canada.

Sycor Singapore has been part of the Sycor Group since 2001.

Wendy Ong

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Wendy Ong

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