International ERP projects with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sycor

We are your experienced partner for the implementation of major international ERP projects with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the associated development of global templates.

Internationale ERP-Projekte mit Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 und Sycor

Sycor: developing and implementing globally deployable ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The conditions for creating a global ERP solution for businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 are prime: the comprehensive high-performance ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides increased operational efficiency throughout each business division, offering integrated support for purchasing, sales, warehousing, finance, accounting and personnel management as well as other standard business processes. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides pre-defined functions that are tailored to suit the needs of sectors such as manufacturing, wholesaling/distribution, retail, service providers and the civil service.

With its impressive intercompany functionality, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities and its 36 precisely localized country versions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ideal solution for use in multinational organizations.

Sycor: over 500 operational locations with Global Microsoft Dynamics 365 templates

To successfully introduce an ERP project on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you need a partner with experience: 500+ operational locations based on global Microsoft Dynamics 365 templates, rollout know-how in more than 80 countries and years of support provided for Microsoft Dynamics 365installations with thousands of users testifies for us.

We work with you to implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 project successfully – and in the process we carry out the development of your global template and the rollouts to your worldwide branches and production locations.

We ensure that your processes for finance, logistics, production and intercompany business are harmonized and standardized, while also dealing with the practicalities of local requirements (such as law, language and culture). We achieve a fine balance for you between a central solution and local implementations and transform Microsoft Dynamics 365 into the ERP platform for your global enterprise – providing support for all of your processes in one central system.

As a well-established Microsoft partner, other benefits of our service include quality-assured hosting services with multi-language support, project monitoring with change management measures and optimum licensing arrangements from the start with our software asset management services, among others.

We support your international Microsoft Dynamics 365 project with

  • Experience with over 500 rollouts of global templates
  • Experience with projects in more than 80 countries
  • Experience with installations with thousands of users
  • Experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and previous versions ranging from Axapta 1.0 to Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Established process and solution know-how
  • Our locations and resources in Germany, North America and Asia
  • A proven project management process model for templates and rollouts
  • The Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step method
  • Change management measures

In your international Microsoft Dynamics 365 project, we take care of

  • The establishment of a global template
  • The harmonization and standardization of company processes for finance, logistics, production and intercompany business
  • Finding the right balance between a central solution and local requirements
    (language, culture, law)
  • The optimization of master data handling
  • Setting up the necessary interfaces
  • The worldwide rollout
  • The operation of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution
  • Optimum licensing arrangements with our software asset management services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the high-performance global solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

  • Purchasing, sales, warehousing, personnel management, finance and accounting
  • + other standard business processes
  • + outstanding intercompany functionality
  • Connecting all production locations and branches
  • 36 available country versions
  • Mapping out legal requirements
  • Multi-language capability
  • Multi-currency capability

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