Sycor Add-On Solutions for Your SAP System

With our SAP add-on solutions, we support your vertical processes and ensure the success of your business over the long term

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In our successful, national and international SAP projects, our consultants and developers simultaneously developed an eye for the overall process and the details – and they found recurring customer requirements. We developed optimized solution packages based on SAP to meet these everyday challenges. Always based on our high quality standards and the benefits for you. Fast to implement and proven in practice.

With our customized interface solutions, the direct exchange of data with applications external to SAP is smooth and reliable. We offer individual solutions for the following business scenarios for smooth, reliable, and direct data exchange with none-SAP applications:

Our SAP add-ons for full vertical process support

Add-on solutions for order processing, operating data entry or production planning – you always receive useful extensions and meaningful special functions without the time-consuming need to develop extensive know-how. We work with you to get more out of your business processes!
ECM Lösung / Solution

SAP archiving
Control of all data and documents

Quick access to high-quality information provides a key competitive advantage. With our help your company-wide documents will have the added organization and efficiency you need to secure this advantage. At the same time, you will strengthen your SAP system.

SAP Archivierung
SAP Auftragsverwaltung - SAP Auftragsabwicklung

Sycor.OrderCockpit: order processing in SAP

The Sycor.OrderCockpit as a central, convenient platform provides comprehensive support for order processing. The intuitive user interface can be readily customized to meet your individual needs, and is integrated into your existing SAP system.

SAP Mobile Datenerfassung / SAP Mobile Data Entry

Mobile data entry with Sycor.MobiDel
The web application for your logistics processes

Sycor.MobiDel serves as a web-based link between SAP and your employees. With this add-on solution, you optimize your internal logistics processes, minimize errors and accelerate your business processes.

SAP Produktionsplanung Software / SAP Production Planning

Production planning with Sycor.ProductionCockpit
The central tool for production planning in SAP

The Sycor.ProductionCockpit based on SAP gives you an integrated planning tool with functions such as characteristics-dependent sequence/campaign planning, integrated tool administration, capacity overviews and alert functions.

SAP ERP Fertigung / SAP ERP Manufacturing

Production scheduling with Sycor.MES
Transparent production, objective key performance indicators

Sycor.MES is a software solution integrated with SAP that lets you enter and analyze production and machine data and import them into the SAP module for actual cost accounting.

SAP BDE - Betriebsdatenerfassung in SAP - SAP PDC

Plant data collection with Sycor.PDC
Overview of all processes

Sycor.PDC is a software solution integrated with SAP that lets you collect and analyze your production data and import them into the SAP module for actual cost accounting.

SAP Mobility - SAP MDM

Managed mobility with SAP
Mobile device management

In view of the large number of mobile devices and operating systems, you need a solution to manage all important company data and mobile applications. The intuitive web platform "pure MDM" maps the entire lifecycle of your mobile devices down.


Are you planning to connect more systems with SAP-ERP? Then contact us. We support you in deciding how to best connect your systems with one another and, if necessary, develop individual solutions according to your requirements.

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