The SAP Business All-in-One industry solution
for the plastics industry.

Sycor.Plastics – the fully integrated SAP ERP solution for plastics processors

SAP PPS Kunststoff / SAP ERP Plastics
Plastics processors routinely face growing pressure from competitors at home and abroad, the demanding quality requirements of their customers, increasingly complex production processes and changing regulatory frameworks. In order to operate successfully in this environment, optimum IT support for business processes must be assured as well.

Sycor.Plasticsthe preconfigured ERP solution for the plastics industry

Based on our many years of experience with midsize companies in the plastics industry, we have developed an SAP Business All-in-One industry solution to perfectly meet your everyday challenges. Sycor.Plastics can be deployed both nationally and internationally, and maps all business processes. In addition to the standard range of SAP functions, our consultants and developers with an eye on the overall process and the crucial details have pre-configured your industry-specific processes and requirements in this compact solution. For example:

  • Make-to-order production based on variant configurations, or make-to-stock production
  • Serial number/batch management
  • Intercompany business and subcontracting
  • Tool management
  • Quality management
  • the Sycor.ProductionCockpit as the PPS system and
  • the Sycor.OrderCockpit for simplified tracking and processing of customer orders

Our pronounced focus on your industry particularities, the matching training concepts for your employees and our pre-configuration mean that Sycor.Engineering is up and running quickly – so that you realize efficiency improvements sooner. By combining our industry, process and SAP know-how with the flexibility of the SAP Business All-in-One industry solution Sycor.Plastics, we are able to map your individual company requirements in the system with little effort. Sycor.Plastics keeps pace with the development of your company and becomes your very own ERP solution.

All advantages at a glance with SAP for plastics

  • Excellent security of investment
  • Short implementation times with practice-oriented training concepts
  • Mapping of the entire value chain
  • Transparent view of all key performance indicators
  • Optimal IT support for your business strategy
  • Preconfigured industry-specific processes ensure a high level of planning and process reliability
  • Lean, automated processes ensure shorter lead times and faster rollouts for your products

Supports the following business processes and software functions:

  • Integrated development processes, model processing and change management
  • Document management for internal and external documents
  • Tool construction and management, including shot counts
  • End-to-end sales process, enhanced by the Sycor.OrderCockpit
  • Comprehensive functions for preliminary and final costing enable continuous cost controlling
  • Mapping of make-to-order and make-to-stock production scenarios
  • Characteristics-dependent sequence planning for production
  • Sycor.ProductionCockpit as the PPS system
  • Comprehensive planning and MRP procedures
  • Integrated procurement processes including vendor evaluations
  • Quality management processes and batch processing across the entire supply chain
  • G/L accounting, accounts payable and receivable accounting, asset accounting
  • Freely customizable, real-time business reports

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Simona AG

Sycor implements archive solution with SAP® ERP integration for SIMONA AG

When SIMONA AG decided to implement an ERP system for the first time, the company's existing electronic archive could not be integrated. SYCOR GmbH, based in Göttingen, Germany, was contracted to replace the outdated archive.

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