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If you want to supplement your classic SAP ERP system with products from the SAP Business Suite or integrate SAP Netweaver, we are your competent partner.

We provide you with corresponding solutions to manage customer and supplier relationships and product lifecycles or the supply chain. Furthermore, we implement business portal solutions and facilitate the exchange of data with systems external to SAP with quality assurance – from consulting through implementation to operation.

We have teams of experts and expertise for the following products from the SAP Business Suite:
SAP Hybris Cloud for Customers (SAP Hybris C4C)

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

With SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, we help you boost your sales success and improve your service – you can systematically improve your customer orientation with the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution portfolio.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
SAP Fiori

We make your processes mobile with SAP Fiori

The SAP Fiori apps make the functions of SAP Business Suite available in one comfortable and easy to use interface. Mobile and platform-independent.

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SAP Lumira

Your experts for ad-hoc reporting with SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira means self-service reporting through the combination and analysis of data from various sources, as well as the convincing visualization of the results – without losing time, as needed and flexible.



We build your SAP HANA environment - either virtually based on VMware, or using dedicated hardware - and operate it in our or your data center. We speed up your analyses, your reporting and your processes - you manage your company in real-time.

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Perfect customer management

You need important information about your customers throughout the company – for Marketing, Sales and Service. SAP CRM allows you to store customer data centrally, make it available across departments and speed up processes significantly. You gain valuable competitive advantages and recognize customer wishes early on.

SAP Product Lifecycle Management - SAP PLM

Reduced time to market

SAP PLM provides optimum product development support. Not only does the solution improve project and document management; with SAP PLM, your products can reach market readiness more quickly as well.

SCM - Supply Chain Management

Centralized overview of the logistics network

Secure your competitive advantage! SAP SCM helps you plan and implement logistics processes, and to recognize and respond to events in the supply chain early on.

SAP NetWeaver Business Client (SAP NWBC)

SAP NWBC - SAP NetWeaver Business Client

Increased user-friendliness and improved user experience with SAP NetWeaver Business Client – for occasional users and power users. We provide you with implementation support.

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SAP Netweaver
Improved cooperation and higher productivity

SAP NetWeaver Portal offers a complete portal infrastructure with powerful functions for cooperation within and also outside the company. In order to link an SAP ERP system to another SAP ERP or third-party system, SAP offers SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) for convenient interaction and integration.

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